Systems 2

JC-J.IN runs on customised systems to meet different requirements. These systems can be built on one or many servers.

High speed and reliability. All servers are based on the Linux operating system running on virtual private or dedicated hardware in world class data centres.

These data centres are carefully selected to deliver the optimum in cost, performance and reliability. JC-J.IN tests and evaluates these data centres and their networks. All have excellent connectivity to the Internet.

Geographically dispersed and locally targeted. Servers can be located in all of the world regions. This minimises latency (speed of response). It also maximises our relevance and ranking on search engines used by target audiences in their locality.

Real-time interactivity (web conferencing). Servers to deliver on-line training and presentations to many people simultaneously in almost real time (voice, webcam and screen sharing enabled). We currently use the powerful open source system, BigBlueButton.

Domain control. Servers to run our own DNS services. Reliable DNS is essential if you want your servers to be found on the world wide web. Running our own DNS provides more control and the assurance that our domains can always be located on the Internet. And, it gives us the capability to manage and distribute our computing over several servers.

Too often, the DNS is over-looked and downgraded to two or even one server at the same geographical location. If this single point DNS service fails, domains and websites will become unavailable. Instead, we distribute the DNS services around the world using multiple servers.

Websites. Servers to run our own websites located in the regions of our target audience. Well-known open source software is available to develop and add content to websites, e.g. WordPress, Joomla, etc. and these are recommended.

Email. Servers to run email addresses at our own domains. Again, this provides a more professional image. Having more than one mail server provides a backup should the primary server fail.

Content delivery networks, some with added security. These globally distributed networks are available from various third party vendors, e.g. Akamai, Amazon, CloudFlare, etc.. They further improve the performance and security of websites.

Note: Translations

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