In the past, the DNS servers of the JC-J.COM network were located at the following data centres, but we now use CloudFlare servers for managing DNS.

For other, non-DNS applications, numerous servers are available at these and other data centres globally. Because we are always looking for better cost/performance, the data centre list below is not up-to-date, but gives an example of what is possible.

  • Singapore – data centre operated by Epsilon. Route/latency optimised with direct connection to China and Europe via Equinix Singapore Internet Exchange. This is a Multi-homed Network (no single point of failure).
  • Los Angeles, California, USA – data centre operated by Quadranet. In the LA Telecom Center building, directly adjacent to the One Wilshire building, which is dubbed “The World’s most connected data center building” due to its large concentration of fiber from various backbones and internet peers.
  • London, UK – data centre operated by Telecity Group. Located at London Docklands, it is one of the worlds most connected data centres. A carrier-neutral data centre with over 400 connectivity options. Telecity hosts the London-based LINX and LONAP IXPs (two of the world’s largest internet exchanges) and offers direct connectivity to the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) and Netherlands Internet Exchange (NL-ix).
  • Milan, Italy – data centre operated by Milan Internet Exchange. The largest Internet Exchange in Italy. A point of “multiple interconnection” in which the networks of each player (ISP, carrier, content provider, hoster etc…) interconnect themselves to exchange IP traffic (peering) efficiently and with advantageous costs compared to the transit.
  • Orlando, Florida, USA – data centre operated by HostDime. Designed from the ground with stability, reliability and highest level of uptime standards in mind. Paralleled with diverse path network fiber into the facility and over 4 tier 1 network providers, it is consistently ranked one of the premier facilities to partner with in the Southeastern United States. It has complete redundancy in power, network connectivity, fire suppression, and unparalleled security & safety.
  • Buffalo, New York, USA – data centre operated by ColoCrossing. Operating on renewable energy provided by the hydroelectric power from nearby Niagara Falls. It’s fully redundant native 10GE network consists of Level3, Telia, and XO. Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, Fibertech, TW Telecom, and Time Warner Cable are onsite.

The DNS of JC-J.IN can be seen here.

The locations of the servers can change at any time. The data centres and servers above are only an example of what is possible. Servers can be established in any of the world regions using world class data centres, thus ensuring good latency (response times).

The JC-J.COM network is constantly evolving to ensure the best balance of cost and performance. This flexibility is a significant advantage of the network. Extra compute power can be applied when required and the network can expand or contract to meet the demands.

Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) cloud services also are used as and when required. Content Delivery Networks from Amazon Cloudfront and Akamai are employed, together with Amazon S3 backup services.


Asia - Europe network

Asia – Europe network (click to enlarge image)

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