JC-J.IN is a domain name hosted on the JC-J.COM network of servers. It runs on open source software systems that are based on a number of computer servers in more than one data centre. These servers can be located in any of the world regions. Systems such as these can enable teachers and consultants to deliver their expertise cost-effectively anywhere in the world.

The systems are built on virtual private, cloud or dedicated hardware. They provide the higher levels of power and security needed to conduct your on-line teaching and consulting activities. These systems take you beyond the limitations of shared hosting into a world of possibilities.

There is an increasing need to provide affordable teaching and consulting services to people in the developed world. Equally, there are opportunities in the developing world, such as India.

Individual teachers and consultants can use similar systems to deliver their knowledge to their target audience. Distance is no object, your audience can be in your village or, it can be thousands of miles away.

The JC-J.IN system is continually evolving in order to find the best balance of cost, performance and reliability. Originally, the landing page for JC-J.IN was on a server in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which linked to this blog on a server in the UK. This provided excellent connectivity for India, Europe, Middle East and Africa. It has since moved on. Click here for an update on the locations of the JC-J.IN servers.

Data centres can be selected and servers re-located at any time. This flexibility is a significant advantage to the overall computing platform. Extra compute power can be applied when required and the system can expand or contract to meet the demands.

For extra speed, the website content is distributed and cached around the world on a massive content delivery network. This CDN has numerous servers and data centres, so you will have one near to you for rapid retrieval of website content. The JC-J.IN website uses the well-known WordPress publishing platform – one of the excellent open source software systems available to everyone.


Note: Translations

The language translation tool used on this site enables machine translations by Google. It is not a perfect professional translation, but does communicate the meaning effectively. There may be issues with Asian characters in some older browsers. Update your browser!